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Roy has global experience in the Real Estate industry. 

20 years experience of the London, New York, Australian and many European property markets, having built a portfolio of rental properties. He has bought and renovated all types of properties.

He has experience in digital media and cutting edge marketing to access the best opportunities in the property market. He has a wide network of real estate professionals in major cities.

Roy has assisted numerous Middle Eastern and Asian clients to buy in Central London and New York property markets.

Roy is well able to assist our Arabic and Bahasa speaking clients.

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Phillip Kerle

Phillip is a self confessed property fanatic.

He has over 35 years of experience with the property market, built through renting, buying and renovating all types of properties.

Phillip has an uncanny ability to

spot the best investments, and he has flair for recognising the potential of

a property.


He makes it his business to know and understand his clients and their short and long-term requirements


Phillip is a qualified Australian solicitor with a masters in US tax law. 

Raked Roy Yaghi